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We at 'Protect046'(uk) provide; Professional Male & Female Registered Close Protection Bodyguards, Personal Escort, Residence Security, Advance Security Teams, Protection Drivers, for; Celebrities, Corporates, Executive's, Visiting Foreign Royalty, Business men/women and Private Individuals.


Overt & Covert Surveillance Services
Marine Security
Special Freight Escort
People Tracing(telephone for details)
PC Security/Internet Security(telephone for details)

For obvious Security reasons we can only give the basic information on these Services, so as not to compromise you the Client/s or our Officers & Operatives and of course Operational & Assignment procedures.

(Further information regarding these Services can be found by clicking on the corresponding picture icon.)


Close Protection Overview.

We can promise you our Client/s; A tailored service to suit individual Client requirements, whether it be in the UK or abroad. Made up of former Military, our Highly Professional and Quality Team Members are Vastly Experienced, Trained and Certified in Close Personal Protection, Surveillance and Specialist Driving.
Our Specialists can and have operated in 'High Profile', 'Low Profile' Situations in a 'One on One' or 'Team' capacity.

We carry out our duties so that you our Client/s can carry out your daily life in a safe haven, with absolute discretion.
These duties involve protection from physical harm to public embarrassments and those easily overlooked everyday occurences (simple personal safety).

Prior to any deployment of a Close Protection Officer or Protection Team; a 'Risk Annalysis' and 'Threat Assessment' will be carried out by us.
This survey defines the level of threat and priorities of counter measures that will be required for the protection of you the Client.
This will involve an in-depth personal consultation with you the Client to establish a full assessment of all avenues that will indeed help in the formulation and structuring of you the Clients 'pro-active' Protection.

Once the survey has been completed, which will include additional physical assessments that will be discussed with you the Client, and when we are 110% satisfied with our 'Threat Assessment', we will then discuss our Operational details with you the Client/s.


To provide SAFETY, SECURITY, PRIVACY and PEACE OF MIND to our Client/s.

*We are available for deployment internationally at very short notice.*

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